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  1. Update on Lana after Trifexis

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    Last fall I posted in the new members forum about Lana, our elderly golden who was displaying symptoms of a brain tumor. She had seizures, weakness in her back legs and was wobbly. Prior to developing these symptoms late last summer, Lana was a healthy girl. She loved to swim, run and play...
  2. Introducing Lana, and a Question

    Member Introductions
    My name is Sandy and my beautiful old golden girl is Lana. Lana has been our best friend since she was a puppy when we "rescued" her from a pet shop purchase gone wrong. Her first owner needed to find a home for her quickly as she needed to leave the country suddenly and of course we took one...
  3. Switched to Trifexis, experiencing side effects?

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hi all, new to the board here, but browse from time-to-time whenever my pup isn't feeling well. Bailey is my 6 year old golden retriever with a slight chow chow mix. I adopted her 3 years ago and she is extremely healthy - no history of heartworm, go on ~2 mile walks every night, on the Blue...
  4. Trifexis safe for dogs?

    Golden Retriever Training
    My vet ended up giving us Trifexis. Heartworm and fleas in one. Im guessing part of the reason is it costs more than others. I can't seem to find how the product works at killing these things - is it poisoning your dog? It's so new that I'm worried about a recall/side effect notice. Is flea...