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  1. Traveling in cars without a crate?

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    I realize that this may be asking for some contrarian input, but that's cool. Our puppy was having issues with her current travel crate, so I got the-next-size-up. She fits much better into the new crate. But, the crate is now too big for our car. I can only imagine the scenario when she fills...
  2. We're going to Scotland! (tips and tricks requested :) )

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I am a 26 year old, full time pre-vet student here in Washington state (while working 35 hours a week) and realized that by the time I complete vet school, Killian will be around 8-ish years old. And it struck me, he is going to be spending nearly his whole life waiting for me to finish school...
  3. Road trip to Mexico - is this nuts???

    Chit Chat
    Getting both pros/cons of flying with dogs, I had resigned myself to local car trips camping for the rest of my life if I wanted to take Murphy. A neighbour said they routinely drive to Mexico with their 10yr golden and it does not appear to take as along as I had thought. They also lived in...
  4. Dogs in National and State Parks

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    My husband and I have done a lot of travelling around the country, staying and hiking in National Parks. That was before we got Ben. In doing some research for a trip next month, I've discovered that dogs are not allowed on the trails in a lot of NPs. That means we'll need to completely...