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  1. Golden retriever trainer in charlotte

    Golden Retriever Training
    Good Afternoon everyone, I just got a 9 weeks old pup and looking for a trainer. I am new owner and never had any pet before. for now basic obedience and crate training would be good and later Id like her to be a therapy dog. can anyone suggest any good trainer in charlotte area. also there...
  2. How to teach your dog to stay home outside of his crate.

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Hello, Looking for some tips or advice on leaving my dog home alone. He is 1 1/2 and stays in his crate when I leave home. He goes in on his own a lot of time when I get ready to leave. I would like to work toward him staying home alone outside of his crate so he can play and move around. If I...
  3. How to train a puppy to be off leash

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Piper is my second golden. My first golden we adopted at age 5. From the moment we got her she stuck to us like glue and was almost never on a leash outside. We did not have an electronic fence and she never ran away. If she chased a squirrel she stopped when I called her. Maybe we were just...
  4. Housebreaking & crate training an adult golden from scratch - possible?

    Golden Retriever Training
    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I have a few questions to ask before I adopt a 14 month old golden retriever. - Is it possible to crate train him from scratch? I understand he had some basic training, but not crate training. It is crucial he learns to stay put when inside for a few...
  5. Got Back From Class!

    Golden Retriever Training
    This was me and Diego's first training session! It was alot to take in, but I get why he shows aggression now. So basically he is just used to getting what he wants, and doing what he wants. He does not have doggy manners, and doesn't know how to react to other dogs. It was interesting, Diego...
  6. My Dog Aggressive Toward Neighbor Dog

    Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    Recently I have been sick, and have not been able to walk my dogs for two days. (My male dog, Diego, is aggressive towards other big dogs) I had someone walk them yesterday, and today I played fetch with them. I had brought Diego in our front yard and threw his ball a few times. He always has a...
  7. Shock collars

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Hello, So I had taken Koda's stubborness issues to facebook too yesterday to see if anyone (specifically her breeder) had anything to say. One of her littermates mommy's came on and said that their pup had been doing the exact same thing and became too hard for the mom to get her up which is...