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  1. Golden Retriever Competition Training - All Sports
    We started a beginning tracking class today and part of our homework is to buy a non-restrictive tracking harness for Ben. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Golden Retriever Games
    Dexter seems to love tracking, I've noticed on a couple occasions that he'll find tracks and they drive him crazy. This morning on our walk he started going crazy because of some deer tracks so I let him follow them for five minutes or so and he seemed so proud of himself. :D I know that our...
  3. Golden Retriever Games
    River and I are working on learning some tracking. Mostly just as a hobby, but possibly we will go for TD title and see about others. Any way, we have started out by putting treats in each foot print and River follows the track to the end. My question is at what point do I phase out the treats...
  4. Alert

    A beautiful picture by brother Jonah took of Amber. (She had trailed two pheasants after that!) This was in South Carolina.
1-4 of 4 Results