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thank you

  1. Thank you to the Forum

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    I just wanted to say how helpful this forum is and a big thank you. We brought an absolutely adorable 12-week old puppy home and for the first few weeks he was peeing/pooping in his crate, in the house, and I was admittedly slightly frustrated that he just didn't seem to get it. After spending a...
  2. Hello & Thanks

    Member Introductions
    Firstly Hi! I've never posted on a forum or one a comment on here but wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for ALL the comments, threads and advice people have given others on here. I have a 'little' 16wk Golden Retriever named Monty (named after my dad's golden which he had at my age). The...
  3. Which title is better?

    Golden Retriever Polls
    Hello every one, I have written a book on golden retrievers and how to train them, but am having problems deciding on a title. Please can you tell me which title you prefer from the 2 below? (1) Which puppy? Golden retriever information and how to train them. or (2) Golden retrievers: All...