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  1. Smiles For Miles

    Smiles For Miles

    Sweet Charlie doing what he does best :)
  2. Willow's Smile

    Willow's Smile

    Big smile! (9.5 months old)
  3. Look at that huge smile!! :)~

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    First post, first pic. This is Sammie, our 8.5 month old Golden. He just decided to lay down and check out the pond. He has a huge smile :D
  4. Three strikes

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    So we went to do spring cleaning at the cabin. I started early Saturday morning (like 7:30). Everything has to be taken off the screen porch and then I power wash it. DH was still sleeping, no problem. Well I thought we had made plans to go to Pikes Peak at 10:00 am, me and the dog people, but...
  5. 7


    4 months old and smiles for the camera!
  6. A big smile for the camera !

    A big smile for the camera !

    Momo-3 months old