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  1. My names Henry!

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    Hi, I'm Henry. A pretty good boy if you ask my family. I love to be outside. Mama is hoping to gain valuable information from the forum.
  2. Faeden trying to get a piece of apple

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  3. how smart is your dog?

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    thought this would be fun :) My Charlie.. knows the basic sit, stay, lie down "you want to go get it?" -he will give me the toy that he has and wait for me to throw it, then brings it back to me (fetch) "who's out there?" -he will run and look out the window, bark if he sees someone "no...
  4. New Member wit Coco

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    Hey All, am new here. just found that this forum and community is a joy to hang around. just wanna say hi to all of you and hopefully will get to interact more on tips, tricks and advices in raising this beautiful breed. I'm from Singapore and currently my puppy is 5 months only and with me...