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  1. Meet Chance! He needs your help!

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    Introducing Chance! Chance is a four year old Flat Coated Retriever that is my task trained service dog. He also competes in agility, is a demo dog for positive reinforcement training and responsible animal ownership, and is just about the sweetest dog I know! I adopted Chance when he was...
  2. 3 YO Neut Male Golden with DUE OUT date tomorrow in Shelter S. Caolina

    Golden Retriever Rescue Cases
    This on my Facebook Wall this a.m.: York SC Champ ID#A044120 - 3 YRS, NEUTERED MALE, GR LG 'DUE OUT' BY 07/09/2012 NEEDS RESCUE ASAP (dog can be put to sleep on Due Out date - so act fast!) This is a rescue-friendly shelter-if you need help getting approval, contact Trina...