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  1. Too old to breed?

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    There is a breeder in Washington state that has many concerning breeding habits, one that has bothered me as of late is the age of their main sire. He turned 11 a few months ago and they continue to breed him. They’ve stated he has been “retiring soon” for the last 4 years, yet continue to use...
  2. Mammary tumours

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    hi UK owner here of x2 beautiful girls, mother Meg and daughter Tess. Meg is now 11 years old and is as tough and resilient as they come. Mother of x9 gorgeous pups, 8 years ago, we kept daughter Tess, who has ensured Meg has remained as youthful in her ways as ever and as big a character as...
  3. Senior can't urinate bladder is not working at all any advice?

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    So our Golden Retriever has been completely healthy all these years. He has been a great dog perhaps too good. He started having issues over the weekend with urinating. He may have been holding it too long???He would try to go and try..... but nothing would come out despite him drinking...
  4. Divorcing....which option is worse?

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Hi all, This is my first post to these forums, although I've lurked on and off for several years. My husband an I have a golden retriever who is a few weeks shy of 13. We've had Teddy since he was 8 weeks old and I have been the primary caretaker (*by far*)--especially since my husband...
  5. Max, an 8 year old adoption with heartworm

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    Hi everybody :wave: I'm new to this forum and would love some help or advice. My husband and I adopted Max in December, who is estimated to be 8 years old. Long story short, Max has just been diagnosed with adult heartworm. We were stunned since his previous vet cleared him of heartworm and...
  6. Does anyone have any experience/info on Cushing's Disease

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    Hi, I have a 13-year old golden boy named Lucky. We're going through all the usual senior issues with arthritis, skin infections, etc. Most recently, my vet told me that she thinks he may have Cushing's, mainly because he seems to be panting a lot. He's already on metacam (arthritis)...
  7. Vet says this extra Mast Cell growth is an anomoly

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    On the advice of PrincessDi I'm reposting portions of an earlier post here from Cancer forum in hopes that someone may know something about protrusions from a Mast Cell Tumor. My 14 year-plus Golden girl Sassy developed a Mast Cell tumor that ruptured last Wednesday. She had this lump for...
  8. Casey's Megaesophagus Update

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    Just wanted to give a little update about my heart dog, Casey. It was 5 months ago that he was diagnosed with megaesophagus. He is doing great- loves to eat his soft food, is more active than I've seen him in a long time, and is getting around great for being 12 years old! :D I think he is...