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  1. Rainbow Bridge Grief Support Section
    Disclaimer: I initially joined when I lost my dog Sedona (Link here). Thank you again for everyone who helped me grieve, I got a new dog River and 18 months later Beau. They immediately bonded and life was great I knew I’d have bliss for the next 10-12 years... .....or so I thought. Poor Beau...
  2. Lincoln By The River

    Lincoln checking out all the smells and good tasting sticks by the river! Amazing how big he has gotten so quickly! :)
  3. Charlie On The Shore

    Always a big smile during our daily walk/swim along the river
  4. Fun Things for Your Golden
    Where we live, there are not any safe rivers that we can take our dogs, so a pool came into our minds. They like their kiddie pool, but all they can do is just lay in it. heehee. Has anyody else bought one for their Goldens? I'm also wondering, how are they going to walk up a ladder? A deck...
  5. Golden Retriever Videos
    This happened unexpectedly and I was lucky to have my cellphone camera with me. Noah was playing in the water and when he laid face down... just floating on his stomach... Charlie thought there was something wrong and you can see how he reacted. What a great dog. We never let on that there was...
  6. Golden Retriever Videos
    Charlie has had no training whatsoever but is a natural rescue dog. My son Noah laid facedown in the river and I told Charlie to recue him. Take a look at his reaction :)
  7. Golden Retriever Videos This is River, my first puppy I have had him for about 6 weeks.
  8. Golden Retriever Videos
  9. Golden Retriever Videos
  10. Rusty At The River

    We were having at picnic by the St Lucie river on a beautiful day
1-11 of 11 Results