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  1. Rhett - 3rd Anniversary at the Bridge

    Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge
    If you have never met our Rhett, he was our first Golden, an amazing dog, and a very well loved member of our family. We privately adopted him in February 2005 at the age of 7 and he gave us another 7 years of wonderful memories until his passing at age 14 1/2. Today is the 3rd anniversary since...
  2. Rhett's Memorial

    Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge
    We received our beloved Rhett's Memorial last week and it's now at his final resting place. I've also added this photo as a part of his memorial webpage at Rhett Arzuagas Memorial Page - Our Baby Dog and my Little Buddy We want to express our appreciation to Buddy's Mom forever for the use of...
  3. Rhett - Our "Baby Dog" and "My Little Buddy"

    Golden Retriever Videos
    This was my beloved Rhett just a couple of weeks before we adopted him at the age 7. The previous owners decided that having 2 dogs was too much for them to handle and was about to give him up to a Rescue group when we agreed to take him. They made this video to show how us well trained he...
  4. A Letter to My Master

    Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge
    This was at our animal hospital and it touched my heart so much as I held our beloved Rhett in his final minutes before we said goodbye. I've now made it permanent part of Rhett's Memorial Page. A Letter to My Master Now you are my master and all I want is for you to love me. You...