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  1. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hello, Me and my wife are looking to get a golden home in December, 2017. We live in the Chicago Suburbs and have a budget around $1000. I am trying to contact my breeders around create a list who would have available litters this december. I do have a few questions - There are a lot of...
  2. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Friends, can you please suggest a breeder in NJ? We live in Princeton Area and want to get a pup. It would also help if you know of someone who has a litter available now. cheers Rahul
  3. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi, I'm looking for a puppy to join our family. I was excited about finding a puppy but it doesn't work well for now. Can someone help me to figure out what I can do next for having a dog from a good breeder? Or what's wrong with me...? I contacted 3 breeders but I'm starting to be afraid that...
  4. Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I have an amazing, sweet, gentle, male golden. I have all akc papers and vet checks for hips eyes etc. I am interested in mating him with an equally amazing female to hopefully breed puppies to be used as companion dogs for wounded warriors or an equally worthy cause. I don't have any experience...
  5. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    I'm new here and I need all the help I can get. My family is wanting a golden retriever to add to our family. I live in Mississippi and am hoping someone can help put me in touch with a breeder. Thank you!
  6. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi there, I am looking for two puppies, perhaps brother and sister, in Arizona. Not for competition but still want healthy dogs with good breeding and documentation. If anyone catches wind of two special puppies, please let me know. Thank you. :):wavey:
1-6 of 6 Results