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  1. Las Vegas Golden puppy looking for other goldens for socializing...

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Hi there! I am new to the forum. I just got a Golden Retriever puppy (Sadie is her name), she's really sweet / playful. I am looking to see if I can find any other Vegas local Golden owners who would be interested in getting our dogs together to socialize / play... She is currently 3 months old...
  2. Any Goldens in London - UK?

    Golden Retriever Events
    Hi Guys,:wave: just wondering if there are any golden pup owners in London up to meeting up for a play day?
  3. Play date/ meet up Inland Empire

    Golden Retriever Events
    I'd love to meet up with another golden owner/s to arrange a play date. We live in a condo and my boy doesn't get enough exercise. Anyone interested in getting together?
  4. First day at Petco's puppy playdate

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Our puppy is now 3 months old and hasn't been in contact with any dogs since we got her. We met two Akita puppies, a lab mix and two other small dogs. She was excited at first, but later became very submissive towards the other puppies. She laid on her back a lot and kept returning to us to...