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  1. Favourite shots of Diesel; the 10w old bundle of energy!

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    Here are a few shots from our first two weeks with Diesel! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what his adult coat colour will be - I've heard the colour of his ears, which looks a bit red? I think he's already started to darken up a bit! He feels like a very solid and sturdy pup, I think his face...
  2. Shiloh is on Instagram! and Youtube!

    Chit Chat
    Hi everyone! :wavey: Hope you guys are having a good day with your fuzzy friends. I wanted to promote my Instagram and Youtube for my dog, Shiloh. Instagram @shiloh_goldenboy Youtube shiloh121212 I don't have a lot posted, yet, but give me time...
  3. Free online photo tool

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    Hi All, I'm a graphic designer by trade and am always sent websites with the latest and greatest free 'stuff' for designers online. I wanted to share some photo tools here, I LOVE photography, and though I'm neck deep in Photoshop and Lightroom daily, I use these tools for personal fun and...
  4. Then and Now (grown up)

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I'd be so interested to see people post their then and now photos of their Goldens from when they were puppies to being all grown up or a young adult. I got my Golden 15 years ago, and I lost him in October. He was a beautiful boy, but unique with his basically red coat. I'm getting close to...
  5. Instadog, dogstagram, you get the picture.

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Hi everyone!! I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, but I wanted to share my Instagram for my baby boy, Shiloh. His account is fairly new and i'm trying to get good at posting often. I have a personal account that I use frequently on my phone and I leave Shiloh's account to my...
  6. Feature your Golden photos on Facebook and Website

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    Hello Members I am building a new Facebook Page and website about Golden Retrievers. I would greatly appreciate your help to add some good photos on both. We want to respect your photos and not just copy them from the forum. If you think you have a good photo that you are willing to share...
  7. Camera Crazy - Camera Shy

    Fun Things for Your Golden
    In the suburban area where we came from and our gal grew up, we used to get Jackrabbits - lots of them! This was due to being on the outskirts of town, on a golf course, in an area where there was also a lot of new construction. We also used to get foxes and an occasional hawk among other...
  8. Ajax in the woods

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    My mom borrowed my good camera for a trip, so I've been working with my "old" (three years) point-and-shoot for the last few weeks. I haven't been all that happy with the pictures recently, but I was so terribly proud of this one I got of Jax today that I just had to post it. It's my new...
  9. Swimming season is here

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    This weekend in CT was more than warm enough for the dogs to throw themselves wholeheartedly into every body of water we came across. Ajax now heads into deeper water confidently, and both he and Comet get wonderfully muddy pretty much all the time. As always, there's more a
  10. Ajax attempts another swim

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    I've been a bit picture crazy with the new puppy, and even though I posted yesterday about Ajax's first swim, I thought I'd share a little video I made from photos of Ajax's second attempt at swimming. My favorite moment is when he realizes he's too deep, backs up a little, and looks over at me...
  11. The Ice Dog Cometh

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    As always, more pics and stories at We discovered that Comet just loves to carry icicles around. He's always gone in for the ice cubes, but the huge icicles we found Sunday made his day: And giant sticks: And sticks so big you have to jump over them:
  12. Snow Dog

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    We were out with Comet a week or so ago with lots of light and the camera. I'm linking a few of the best pictures here, but as always, there are more pictures and thoughts from the day at Fetching: Starting a roll (with artsy eye shot): Noble dog: Spazz (transition from...