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  1. Puppy Christmas Picture Tips/Ideas?

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    I have a 16 week old pup and I am going to attempt to take some Christmas photos of her. She's fairly well behaved, and knows sit but not stay. Do any of you guys have any tips to keep this experience as stress free as possible? Also, do any of you have any cute ideas for poses or props?
  2. Welcoming Miss Milly

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi Milly arrived safely in our home last month. I've been so busy introducing her to Josh (my Cavalier King Charles) and I just had the chance to post some photos of her now that they are spending more and more time together :p. She is just adorable. Josh was a little annoyed by her bounciness...
  3. Merry Christmas! Santa + Golden = join in :D

    Chit Chat
    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a safe, happy Christmas/Holiday! in the spirit of the holiday season I thought it would be fun to post all our pictures of our adorable crazy dogs with Santa! They can be from this year or any year, so if you have one please jump in :) Tyson...
  4. After The Ornch

    After The Ornch

    photo of Tristan eating his orange
  5. July 2009 - Photo Contest Winners

    Golden Retriever Photo Contest
    Official Calendar contest winner: magiclover Puppy contest winner: Puppy Zoo Congratulations! :wave: