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  1. Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Our puppy is now 3 months old and hasn't been in contact with any dogs since we got her. We met two Akita puppies, a lab mix and two other small dogs. She was excited at first, but later became very submissive towards the other puppies. She laid on her back a lot and kept returning to us to...
  2. Golden Retriever Grooming
    I thought about taking my dogs to go get groomed at Petco, but I did a little research, and a lot of people really don't like their grooming. Has anybody taken theirs? I was going to get them to do haircuts, but it's really expensive, especially for two big Goldens. I also didn't know if they...
  3. Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes
    We have 2 goldens, an 9 week old puppy and and almost 8 year old, and I cannot decide on what to feed them. I am limited by geography to what is available at Petco and Petsmart. I have basically narrowed it down to Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance until I read that Blue Buffalo isn't tolerated...
1-3 of 4 Results