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  1. Dogs and Vacations?

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I've been looking around on this forum, and it seems like everyone loves to bring their dogs with them on vacations! Where are your favorite dog friendly places to go? Me and my family always love the beach, but our Goldens have never been with us. I personally would LOVE to take my two pups...
  2. CGC and Little-kid manners

    Golden Retriever Training
    First and foremost, i took Beau to the park for the second time today, right after going to the vet. The first time we went, a few weeks ago, there were no dogs and only a couple people. Today was beautiful outside so there were 15+ kids and about 10 dogs! The youngin' we brought with us...
  3. Playdate in CT?

    Golden Retriever Events
    Hi, I'm new here. I have a 6 month old female golden who loves to run, chase, and wrestle. She is a bit on the submissive side, and we are really trying to build her confidence. We are looking for a few friendly playmates. I live in Hartford County. Thanks :)
  4. Puppies and owner meeting in the weekend?

    Chit Chat
    Hi everyone, I just got my adorable GR for like a week and she loves to communicate with other people and dogs. I think we should have a meeting at the place where our dogs and play together while we can chit chat and share our experience. The place could be inside a park and we can make in on...