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  1. Palladia to treat Histiocytic Sarcoma

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hi, having read so many sad stories in the forums about so many lovely goldens getting cancer, I wondered if anyone has any experience of the drug Palladia to treat histiocytic sarcoma. Our lovely boy Alfie, who is seven and a half has been diagnosed with this awful disease - he is not a lucky...
  2. Osteosarcoma, Amputation, tripods, Palladia and other tips

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    I'm not a doctor, but I have been diving head first into this new world of cancer, cancer treatments and a fresh new tripod dog. I hope that this information might be helpful to someone! Don't get me wrong, I was a puddle of emotions for weeks and weeks and lost sleep waiting for biopsy calls...