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  1. Any other pups on here from Soundview Farms- Sammie's October litter?

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    I would love to exchange pictures and see how everyone's grown. I have the pink girl who has been lovely. We love her to bits. :) It'd be so fun to see all the other doughballs!
  2. My puppy was finally born!! Anyone else have a October pup?

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Hi everyone :wave: My girl Alpine is 3 days old today and I am just about bursting from how excited and proud I am. After 6 months of waiting seeing this perfect little puppy picture was pretty emotional! She is the daughter of Sammie from Soundview Farms. Anyone else have new puppy pics? :heartbeat
  3. Funny Day By The Sea.

    Funny Day By The Sea.

    Great time at Hornbaek Beach in Denmark. October 1st 2012.