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needs home

  1. Belleville, Ontario - 5 year old Male needs home

    Golden Retriever Rescue Cases
    Hi, I came accross a kijiji ad and thought I would share it with everyone to see if maybe it can help him get a happy home. heres the link: I've never posted a...
  2. Zoelie needs a new home.

    General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    Facts About Zoelie: 1.) D.O.B. - September 9, 2008 (approx. 18 months old) 2.) Born in Münstermaifeld, Germany 3.) An alpha female 4.) Has a lot of heart 5.) Doesn't give up easily 6.) Went into heat in October 2009 7.) Not fixed and never bred 8.) Raised in a very social environment 9.) Very...