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  1. Road trip to Mexico - is this nuts???

    Chit Chat
    Getting both pros/cons of flying with dogs, I had resigned myself to local car trips camping for the rest of my life if I wanted to take Murphy. A neighbour said they routinely drive to Mexico with their 10yr golden and it does not appear to take as along as I had thought. They also lived in...
  2. Poncho in the lake

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    These are photos of my dog, Poncho, enjoying a hike on the lake. He is so happy there!
  3. Poncho' Puppyhood

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    There are some pictures of Poncho, when he was a puppy.
  4. Hi from Mexico city

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone :wavey: Well so My name is Cesar and I want to introduce my new buddy Name's Poncho and he came home three days ago. He is 7 weeks old (birthday on may 14th). :) I have to confess than I'm very anxious because even I've had puppies before, this is my first large dog and I'm far...