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  1. Dewey's Golden Jubilee

    Golden Retriever Events
    HI I just wanted to make you all aware that it is time for the 2019 Spring Dewey's Golden Jubilee in beautiful dog-friendly Dewey Beach, DE. The event is May 10-12. Check out Surf, Sand, and Sun (we hope). Where else can you take your golden(s) and let them run...
  2. Play date/ meet up Inland Empire

    Golden Retriever Events
    I'd love to meet up with another golden owner/s to arrange a play date. We live in a condo and my boy doesn't get enough exercise. Anyone interested in getting together?
  3. East Central Indiana/Western Ohio

    Golden Retriever Events
    I'm in Richmond which is pretty close to Ohio and also Muncie/Anderson/Indianapolis. Anyone else close by want to do a meet up? We have a bark park here, its nothing fancy but it will do.