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  1. Flea, Tick, Heartworm Prevention

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    I've had my dog on several different medicines for fleas/ticks/heartworms. He was on Trifexis (Which worked really well, we just need something that covers ticks as well), flea / tick collar (which seemed to cause his back to break out into bumps??), and a topical (that he had a bad reaction...
  2. Tick Prevention

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hi guys/gals - new to the forum but figured nowhere better to get some advice regarding ticks. I have a 1.5 year old English Creme named Maverick. My area is high risk with a large deer population in a rural area (3 acre grass/wooded yard). My mom unfortunately caught Lyme Disease and is...
  3. Zymox: which one to use?

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hello golden retriever lovers, My one and half year old Charlie has his third ear infection. I can tell, same symptoms, that brown thick wax that comes back no matter how much I clean... The vet will not prescribe the usual greasy medication without examining him first, and unfortunately I do...
  4. Problems applying medication

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Our Lucky is now 14 months old and recently went to the vet for booster shots. While there the vet pointed out that he had an ear infection in one of his ears, providing a bottle of wash and a tube of ointment with a long nosed dispenser so it could get deep into his ear. Simple enough, or so...
  5. Heartworm medication safety

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Ran across this article and whole holistic approach. Anyone using that approach in terms of medication and food - could you let me know how old your dogs are? I'm nervous about the whole flea and heartworm causing health problems. Heartworm Medication: Is Year Round Protection Necessary? |...
  6. ** Ear Medicating Help Desperately Needed

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Well, Max's ear infection has gone from minor to MAJOR in a week. We had him into the vet's for the flu booster on Sat. & a follow-up on the ear.'s even worse than I feared. SO, they sent us home with an oral antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, the ear flush, the otic antibiotic AND the...