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  1. Golden with small cell intestinal T-cell lymphoma, associated with chronic enteritis/IBD

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Our sweet 8 yr old boy was just diagnosed with small cell intestinal T-cell lymphoma, associated with chronic enteritis/IBD, which is more common in cats. Wondering if there is anyone out there who has a dog with this diagnosis? Or who knows anything about it? We are having a hard time finding...
  2. Lymphoma Diagnosis

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    We are devastated. Our almost-6 year old golden Abbie was just diagnosed with lymphoma. As I know many on this forum can relate, she is the center of our world. Currently, her only symptoms are swollen lymph nodes on her neck and behind her knees. Her blood work is normal. Her energy level...
  3. Hello from Boulder

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. Came across this great site after getting some bad news about our 3 & 1/2 year old golden. I'll go post in the bereavement section but I wanted say "Hello!"
  4. Cleo may or may not have Cancer

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    It all started about a month ago when there was a week full of thunderstorms and my wife was out of town. Cleo who is 12 year ols started laying outside on the deck a lot to sleep and I figured it was just stress. I took her to the vet anyways and she got a clean bill of health and normal...
  5. Swollen lymph nodes? - We're terrified.

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    New member here. I wish I'd found this forum years ago! I see that there are a lot of owners who have experienced cancer with their pups, so I'm hoping someone can give us some advice or let us know their experiences. Monday we noticed what we thought were very swollen lymph nodes on...
  6. New Lymphoma Diagnosis, 9.5 year old Golden

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hi to all, sorry to see so many posts in this section, but I guess its the reality with our sweet breed. We just got back from our honeymoon, and my Mom (who was staying at my house with the dogs) noticed the bumps in his neck. Took him to the vet yesterday and certainly did NOT expect him to...
  7. 5.5 Month Old with Diarrhea for a Month!

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi everyone - I need help! We have a sweet little muffin named Belle. She is currently 5.5 months old and we've had her since she was a baby. When we first took her home she was on Puppy Chow and we switched her (VERY gradually) over to Simply Nourish. On September 30th she got diarrhea...
  8. Blindness and Lymphoma

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advise. My Retriever/Collie cross, Harpur has late stage lymphoma and started going blind over the last week. He had some sight left yesterday, but this morning he was totally blind and it took him a few minutes to be able to open his eyes. He has enlarged...
  9. Grace's Journey: T-Cell Indolent Lymphoma

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hello, I want to share Grace's story here in case it helps others. This story is still in progress..... Backstory: March 2012- I noticed Grace had bumps under her jaw by her neck. She was acting normal and full of energy. Her annual physical was coming up and i did not notice any did not...
  10. Plea for advice/support about tough decision

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hello there, I’m looking for a little advice/support regarding my 10 year old golden girl, Athena, who was diagnosed with cancer, thought to be lymphoma, about 1 month ago. She initially had a grand mal seizure one Friday night that sent me to our vet in a panic early the next morning. The...
  11. Love Never Dies

    Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge
    Love Never Dies... Companion: Golden Retriever - Bentley Owner: Human - William April 7, 2001 – July 10, 2012 My Bentley went to Rainbow Bridge on July 10, 2012. He was a very good boy. It was never easy. June 19: Bentley did not finish his dinner. I was shocked. I thought it was...
  12. Essiac? 4 herb or 8 herb?

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hi there, I am Mojo's mom!! I have been writing about him on the general forum. I have been researching Essiac and the 4 herb sites say they are the true formula, as do the 8 herb sites. From what I gather, I think the 4 herb is the original, but can anyone please tell me which is better?? I...
  13. 2 yr old golden with stage 5 cancer

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    I am new to this forum but am looking for advice. My family just lost our golden last week to stage five cancer, lymphoma. He was fine one day and started to not eat, so we brought him to the vet and they ran blood tests and they sent us to the emergency hospital immediately. For 5 days they ran...
  14. Living with Lymphoma

    In Our Thoughts
    My hame is Paula and I stumbled upon this site yesterday. I read through the entire thread posted by Duke's Momma. She was so wonderful and responded to me immediately, and she suggested that I post my "story" on the "in our thoughts" thread. Since I'm crying as I write this, I think I will, for...
  15. Lymphoma diet

    Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes
    :wavey:My 9 year old Golden was diagnosed with lymphoma. I had always fed him Iams but wanted to find out what would be good for his cancer. I found out dogs with cancer do need a special high protein diet. So, now I am cooking for him and giving him lots of vegetables (I never knew he would...