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  1. Trixie

    Member Introductions
    Hello - I have not posted before today and was told that I need to post or possibly be deleted. So, here it goes. Trixie is my 3rd Golden Retriever. She is almost 10 months old. She is very much a puppy. We take daily walks, we attended puppy kindergarten and we have gone to other...
  2. Where do you smooch your pooch?

    Golden Retriever Polls
    Where do you smooch your pooch? A. On the nose/muzzle B. On the mouth C. On the paws D. Everywhere!!!!! E. I don't kiss my dogs. This poll may not work, so I just put a,b,c... I have no idea how to make a regular one! :doh: To answer reply and put your answer if it does not work.
  3. Qualities of a good loving character???

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Can anybody give any advice on this thread on how to pick a good personality? I want a Golden that loves me lots and is obedient (don't we all?!) I'm choosing a 6 week old pup soon. Also does gender count for anything? :p: Thanks
  4. Dogs & Rocks?

    Golden Retriever Videos
  5. Live in the Grand Rapids, Mchigan area and want to adopt a golden!

    General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    My husband and I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan and would like to adopt a Golden retriever. Our ideal dog would be between 6 months and three years old. We don't care if it's male or female, spayed/neutered or not. Our desire is companionship for our selves and our 9 year old Golden named...
  6. My Puppy, Chance

    Member Introductions
    :wave: Hi everyone! New to the site :) Just wanted to share a couple videos of one of my boys. Chance is a 6 & 1/2 month old Golden. He has a brother named Marley. Chance was recently diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. He has already had 1 of 2 operations; a triple pelivc osteotomy. His next...
  7. My Land Dolphin

    Golden Retriever Videos
    Only people who are on this forum... might... JUST might, understand how much I love my Charlie. Here is a video I made today for his youtube channel. I hope you enjoy it.
  8. Without Shame

    Golden Retriever Videos
    I know it may seem gross to some but I have no guilt whatsoever at my 100% pure and authentic love for my pal Charlie. I simply move from state to state... always one step ahead of the law :)
  9. Before They Go

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Like all of us.... I am beyond in love with my Golden. Charlie is my best friend and I would do anything for him without hesitation. Though he is only 4 &1/2 years old.... not a day goes by that I push the thought of life without him down down down into my gut. I just can't immagine that day...
  10. Hello from Romania

    Member Introductions
    Hello everybody My name is Henry, I am from Romania. I have found here on this forum a lot of useful information for which I would like to thank you. I would like to introduce my dog, Ray of Mediguard. He is now one year old and very loving golden ! I have uploaded some photos on one...