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  1. Two male Goldens @ high kill shelter- CA

    Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    OK here we go- two beautiful male Golden Retrievers City of Moreno Valley Animal Control Services intake date Dec 23rd! I know these have to be someones LOVES they are both adorable! PLEASE SHARE so their OWNER can find them! ‪#‎A444018‬ ‪#‎A444019‬ The shelter thinks I am about 1 year. I...
  2. My dog was tied to a pole and abandoned in Coquitlam, BC.

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Really long story, but I just need to get it out there. I know that finding the current owner of my dog is a once in a lifetime shot, but seeing how many golden retriever lovers are here I think I'll take that chance. I gave my golden retriever puppy, Rochie (pronounced Rocky but with a ch)...
  3. UPDATE, Reunited with Owner-Found Golden in NW Montana

    Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    Young, neutered Golden Retriever was seen running alongside I-90 near St. Regis, Montana for several days around Christmas time. Dog is large, between 90 and 100 pounds. He is very well mannered and has had some training. He acts like he may have been raised around children. Am wondering if...
  4. Found: Dark Male Golden Retriever in Canton, NY

    Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    A dark red, white-faced male was found on Tuesday morning, November 13 2012, in Canton, NY by the St. Lawrence University campus. He was wearing a silver chain collar without tags. He is very friendly and lovable with no known health issues, however because he is a stray it is hard to tell. If...
  5. pink collar on dog close to i-4 side of Cranes Roost in Altamonte Springs, FL

    Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    the dog is wearing a pink collar, but i could not tell if there are any tags, as the closer i became, the dog would go up the grass toward the highway/ I-4. the altamonte springs tower is in the area from interstate four to mark the dogs location. from inside the park, the dog goes by the lake...
  6. My Bessie Is Missing! - Has been found

    Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    Yesterday, I was walking Danny (big hound) and her on the forest service road. They raced into the woods, as usual. Except Danny came back and Bess did not. I waited --called for reinforcement with a pick-up. It got dark --she's afraid of the dark. She is wearing a collar with my name...