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  1. Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    A golden boy has been spooked during recent storms here in Western Australia and run away. Please share with all of your Aussie friends and help find him. He is not my dog but lives in my area. Facebook link for info:!/events/416709345068711/ Thankyou
  2. Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    My uncle and Aunt's dog, Roxy, went missing on November 17, 2012. We beleive that the lightning scared her and she bolted out the back gate. My Uncle and Aunt were gone at the time, and no one saw which way she went. She is a female, full grown golden retriever, she is wearing her collar with...
  3. Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    Found a 10 year old golden in Toronto. Is called Elizabeth, and is around 10 years old. The Microchip gave us an address and a phone number. Phone numbers no longer work, and after finding a correct phone number for that address, discovered that the previous owners (4 years ago) daughter...
  4. Golden Retriever Rescue Cases
    There's a family south of Calgary (DeWinton, AB) who had their young Great Pyrenees taken from their yard. The pup is young and fair and as such may be might be mistaken as a Golden cross from those who don't know any better. Juno's 'dad' is away in Afghanistan right now but the rest of their...
  5. Golden Retriever - Lost or Found
    beloved family dog ran away from Brea home early Monday the 14th. Could have traveled to surrounding cities (Yorba Linda, La Habra, Fullerton) he wears a blue collar with registration tags attached, missed dearly. 9 yrs old PLEASE contact if you have seen him. [email protected]
1-5 of 5 Results