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  1. Photo Jul 31, 2013

    Walking the creek in July while up at the cabin
  2. Photo Jul 31, 2013

    Charlie at the Cabin in the Virginia mountains.
  3. Overlooking The River

    Charlie looks out over the Potomac River in Virginia
  4. Pet Me!

    Charlie's "Please pet me" look
  5. Photo Aug 01, 6 50 45 Pm

    Charlie and Noah play in the snow in our front yard :)
  6. 2013 Charlie

    6 and a half years old :)
  7. On The Hill

    Waiting for daddy to take the picture
  8. My Boy

    On our walk
  9. Fetch

    Cooling Off As Usual :)
  10. Golden Retriever Videos
    Only people who are on this forum... might... JUST might, understand how much I love my Charlie. Here is a video I made today for his youtube channel. I hope you enjoy it.
1-13 of 13 Results