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  1. Seizures, Perhaps There is Hope

    Golden Retrievers with Seizures
    My last post many a month ago I was hopeful (as I am again now) that Boomer's seizures might be gone. NOT SO. Here's the latest and I post this for encouragement to others. Boomer, a male, neutered GR. 30 months old has suffered grand mals since about 18 months old. I have tried every combo of...
  2. Alice - late onset epilepsy

    Golden Retrievers with Seizures
    Had a really positive meeting with the vet yesterday. We now have Keppra, to be used as a pulse therapy to break the clusters (hopefully), and rectal diazepam. I feel loads better, now I know the vet feels confident it's idiopathic epilepsy and not something more sinister. Ally is very much...