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  1. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    So as some of you know I have a puppy named Scout. He is believed to be a purebred golden. I had planned on going to a reputable breeder and getting my first (of many) golden retriever puppy. I had it all planned out. I had called breeders near me and narrowed it down. I had gone to homes to see...
  2. Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    My pup was exposed to a dog that had kennel cough (they did a face to face intro but didn't actually play). A week later my pup gets a cough (also happens to be day after she got the last parvo shot) for about 2 days only and happened when she woke up or ran around. My other dog got a cough...
  3. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hello I have a beautiful golden named Oliver. He has a lot of energy and i have been taking him to this field next door where there is a lot of dust and dead plants. I take him there to throw the ball and have him do a lot of excersize. I noticed shortly after that he starting coughing a lot...
1-3 of 3 Results