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  1. Our new pup, Jax!

    Member Introductions
    Meet Jax! My wife surprised me with him for Christmas! Got him at almost 7 weeks. He’s currently just over 8 weeks. Ughhh we are in love ! He’s had no problems in the crate since we got him... goes potty 90% of the time on his pads... and has such a fun personality ! Sometimes a little too hyper...
  2. Siri's new forever home

    General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    We're welcoming into our home a new beautiful little 6 month old rescue Golden girl, Siri, who just arrived today from Retrievers & Friends of St. Louis. Just as Jax and Annie could never replace our Rhett, Siri will never replace our Jax and we are proud to give her a forever home. She will...
  3. My Beloved Jax

    Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge
    It is with heavy heart that I had to give the greatest gift and help my beloved boy to the Rainbow Bridge today. Jackson Browne Running On Empty CGC, call name "Jax". Our beloved Rhett is going to take over now and take care of you at the Bridge. Run Free and Play hard "Big Red". I love...
  4. 1 Year Rescue Adoption Anniversary

    General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    It was 1 year ago today that we were given the chance to adopt our two furrkids, Jax and Annie into our home after our beloved Rhett went to the Bridge. They have adapted to our home quite well and have become as spoiled as can be. They have also brought so much healing and happiness into...
  5. Korea without Jax: Moving Forward

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Thank you so much for the outpouring of condolences and well wishes to my husband and I after our tragic loss of our boy Jax. Many of you may remember our story. We are stationed in South Korea and lost our once-in-a-life-time 5-year-old golden Boy, Jax during a mistake in a neuter procedure...