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  1. Golden Retriever Hunt and Field
    Hello, New here and to golden retrievers. I'm trying to find a dog mostly to retrieve partridge when upland hunting here in Portugal. At the moment I'm hunting with a brittany but he is not that good retrieving. I'm looking for a dog that can hunt for 5/6 hours and walk about 10/15 miles...
  2. Golden Retriever Hunt and Field
    Here are some links to Cannyn's training videos. My trainer is handling her. This is Cannyn at about 8 months doing mini-t and some easy singles. She is now 9 months and through Double T and working on swimby and some cold land blinds. I am so excited with how quickly she has learned. She will...
  3. Golden Retriever Hunt and Field
    Hey guys!! I just posted a new group for people looking for golden retriever hunting and field info, tips, stories, resources etc. However, how do I invite members to the group? I tried looking around for some sort of a "Members recruiting" link, found nothing, and now I'm totally stumped...
  4. Golden Retriever Training
    Hello everyone! I'm new here on the golden forums. I have a beautiful American Golden named Amber. She's a great family companion, loves people and most other dogs (as long as the boy doggies don't "man handle" her :nono:). However, Amber as well as all golden retrievers, has hunting in her...
  5. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    I Live In Oregon and am interested in getting a Golden does anyone know of anyone around OR who has any Goldens for saleI. There is a few on the web but, I would love to hear about one someone has had a good experience with. thanks Luke:wavey:
  6. Me and Daisy Go Hunting

    We took Daisy out to my parent's farm where we did a little pheasant hunting. It looks like we were hunting gords.
1-7 of 8 Results