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  1. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    I need advice on how to word some inquiries I'm making. I've connected with Cheryl from MagicGold Goldens and Edwina from Emberain Goldens, and Edwina has offered to forward me to people she's studding her boy Punch out to (AGCH MACH 5 Emberain Red Rum Punch SH MXS2 PDS MJG2 PJS MFC TQX T2B5 WCX...
  2. Golden Retriever Hunt and Field
    Our formal hunt training won't begin until after this year's season ends. Are there some things I could be doing in the meantime? I've been trying to locate pigeons, but not have had any luck. I've been working on a land retrieve with mild distractions Water retrieval of a toy still needs a...
  3. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Could someone recommend a ceftified breeder of hunting goldens? I would prefer dark red. I would like to stay withing in driving distance. WI, IL, IA or MN. My dogs stay in the house and are well carred for, so pet first, hunting partner 2nd. Thanks in advance.
  4. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    First post after lurking for a couple years, so formally "Hello Everyone!" My wife, kids and I are looking at getting puppy sometime in the next 6~9 months. We are looking for a family companion that I will also use for duck hunting. I have searched the forums in hopes of finding a breeder...
1-4 of 4 Results