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  1. PLEASE Help!! My Golden Was Just Diagnosed With Bone Cancer

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    My 6 year old Golden, Honey, was diagnosed with bone cancer two days ago. I had lost my first Golden, Sugar, who was 10 years old, to bone cancer less than two years ago; his leg was nearly shattered and he was put to sleep the next day to save his pain. He was my brother's service dog that we...
  2. How to deal with Boreliosis and Anaplasmosis in 9 yrs old Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hello, Apreciate any deirection, hint, experience or advice. - Owner of 9 yrs old Golden Retriever - diagnosis of local vet is boreliosis and anaplasmosis - were on antiobitc therapy for three months - future prediction of the local vet that now during signs of joint stiffness, muscle...