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  1. Reasonable Price & Medical Information

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hello everyone, We have an opportunity to purchase a GR from two breeders with extremely different pricing. Please point me to the correct post if this is a repetitive post. I apologize in advance. I have the following questions, I hope someone would kindly give some insight on. 1. Medical...
  2. Dog Backpacks

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I know there are many more threads about this, but can anyone recommend a dog backpack? I've heard that some dogs feel like they have more of a 'job' when they wear a pack. Are there any drawbacks to putting a pack on my dog?
  3. A Dog Pack

    Product Recommendation
    Hello All, I have a 4 yr old golden - he goes everywhere with me. I've always carried his food and bed on backpacking trips. In the winter, especially, the added weight of his food is an unwelcome burden since I'm already carrying heavy gear. What recommendations do you all have about a...
  4. Dogs in National and State Parks

    Chit Chat
    My husband and I have done a lot of travelling around the country, staying and hiking in National Parks. That was before we got Ben. In doing some research for a trip next month, I've discovered that dogs are not allowed on the trails in a lot of NPs. That means we'll need to completely...
  5. How do you guys restrain your dog on hikes??

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Wanting to take Tysen hiking/swimming soon at a State Park. This will be our first time hiking. I currently use 6' leather leash for everyday use, however am thinking about use flexi(tape) for this hike. Considering the flexi because it will allow Tysen more freedom, but also be safer in the...