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  1. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Any recommendations for a Golden Retriever Groomer in Los Angeles?
  2. Golden Retriever Grooming
    Long time lurker...1st post... Looking for a groomer who knows how to groom a golden in South East Michigan (greater Detroit area). I live in Troy and so far all the groomers I've tried leave Pippin looking chopped up. I've tried to do it myself, but I just don't have the patience or time...
  3. Golden Retriever Grooming
    We have a six month old puppy and are looking for a groomer in the Portland, Oregon area who has experience and does a great job with Golden Retrievers. We'd appreciate your recommendations. Thank you
  4. Golden Retriever Grooming
    Hi, Can anybody recommend a good GR groomer in the Toronto/Etobicoke area? I'm nervous to bring my 18mth GR to a commercial (big box) groomer, as I worry that they will just do a generic trim, which may not be appropriate for a Golden. I'd be happy to take her to a 'show groomer' (although...
  5. Golden Retriever Grooming
    Hello, Does anyone know of a good groomer on Long Island. I'm willing to travel a bit to find one. Thank you
  6. Golden Retriever Grooming
    I'm looking for a referral for a groomer for my golden in the Riverside area- including Corona, Moreno Valley areas. Thanks! Mary
  7. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Tomorrow is Koda's first trip to the groomers, it was getting too difficult to do it myself so off she goes. She is still scared of it all when I do it so I am just worried how she will react with strangers tomorrow... Anyone else go through this with a scared pup..
  8. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hey all, I have a fear of taking Koda to the groomers. I am very protective of her, if you haven't noticed from previous post, and have a hard time leaving her with other people without my supervision. She is so fearful of anything grooming related in our house. It takes two of us to give...
1-8 of 8 Results