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  1. Biting himself after groom

    Golden Retriever Grooming
    I figured out that every time Watson would be groomed, in a few weeks he would have scabs either around his anus or on his belly near his penis. I didn't associate the two, but now I think that he gets itchy with the sanitary trim! He bites at the itch and causes the scabs. Does anyone else's...
  2. Help! with (SO MUCH) Shedding

    Golden Retriever Grooming
    Ziggy is shedding a ton - do older puppies lose their coat or is this a normal, yearly type of thing? (eek!) Anyways, we were hoping to cut down on the shedding. We bought a Furminator from our vet but our handler friend told us it's bad for their coat. Is this true - does the Furminator...
  3. Best way to groom my Golden

    Golden Retriever Grooming
    So I got my golden as a puppy and am now realizing that I need to groom him. This is my first golden. I have a slicker brush, double side roundpin brush/bristle brush, and a furminator. I was wondering what is the best way to groom him to keep his coat healthy and looking nice.
  4. Good or Bad Experiences at Petco?

    Golden Retriever Grooming
    I thought about taking my dogs to go get groomed at Petco, but I did a little research, and a lot of people really don't like their grooming. Has anybody taken theirs? I was going to get them to do haircuts, but it's really expensive, especially for two big Goldens. I also didn't know if they...