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  1. Peyton & his Peyton Pumpkin!

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    I found a golden retriever template and I was bound & determined...It was just too cute! This is as close as mom could get me to my jack-o-lantern... Hey...this pumpkin kinda looks like me... I'll sit here if the pumpkin stays on the table... In case anyone is interested in making one...
  2. Looking for someone to home my retriever

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I have recently had children which has made me reconsider whether a dog is a great idea. If you would like a Golden Retriever and you will treat it well and give it a home then visit my site ******* and see how you feel afterwards
  3. Buying a golden retriever?

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    If your not too sure whether to buy one of these wonderful animals then visit ***** and see how you feel afterwards
  4. hello to all dog lovers!

    Member Introductions
    hello! im new to the forum. im looking forward sharing advice on dog care issues and learn from other member as well about taking care of our beloved pets