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golden retreiver biting

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    Yesterday my golden retriever boy who is 1 year 10 months bit my little brother who is 12. My brother hit him randomly and he bit him on his face. the cut wasn’t that deep and he didn’t need stitches thankfully. my brother normally annoys him and irritates him and hits him and our dog duke will...
  2. 6 month old Golden Retiever snapping and showing teeth?!

    Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    Hi, my 6 month GR, Kellie, is sometimes snapping at me and biting. It's not as much me as it is my two 13 year old daughters. They say she'll get super hyper, jump on them, chase after them and bite them. She likes her thighs petted so she'll turn her butt around and push it towards them (Like...