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  1. Help choosing a puppy

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi there, my husband and I recently put down a deposit on a puppy. We want a female and there were two in the litter. The breeders said they are going to keep their first pick and we can have the second pick. At first, they said they were going to keep the lighter color because she was bigger...
  2. Itchy Skin

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hey everyone, I am hoping you can help Henry who is suffering from itchy skin... As in, itches several times a day. Let me start off by saying that I think it's just dry skin. His skin is sometimes a little flaky and we also live in San Diego, CA. Nutrition: the Honest Kitchen, grain free...
  3. Searching for young adult male golden to add to family

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Looking to add golden retriever to family of 4 (13 & 9 yr old kids) with 6 year old Shih Tzu-mix. live in NY. Ideal scenario would be for a young adult male golden, who may need a new home or no longer in service. just not sure where to start on the search. Any and all feedback is greatly...
  4. Hi Everyone, meet Buddha!

    Member Introductions
    Hello! I am brand new to the forum! I just adopted an 8 week old puppy, Buddha! I was (up until about a month ago) a Training Instructor at PetSmart for 4 years. I have a senior black lab at home, but this is my first puppy. We've had him almost a week, and so far he's great, he hasn't...
  5. New from Virginia with a few questions. :D

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys as you can tell I am new to this forum, and am really here to find out about you all as Golden Retriever fans. I was wondering how much you all would be interested in a website based around golden retrievers, like this one, but with products based around golden retrievers, such as...
  6. Picking your golden

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    My wife told me she read in Golden Retrievers for dummies that you have to be careful that you pick the one to fit your lifestyle. As she explained it to me, there are goldens that are for say someone who would like their baby to lie on the couch or on their lap while they read, then there are...