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  1. Gas

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Seamus will be 8 months old tomorrow and he has become a (mostly) well mannered Puppy. He is currently eating Orijen Large Breed Puppy after trying both Fromm LBP and having very softstool. He loves the Orijen, gobbling it up from a Kong Wobbler. However he has horrible gas. I don't know...
  2. Gas and Diarrhea

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi guys, I have a question about my 5 months old puppy Henry. Food has been an ongoing struggle with him... We have switched diets numerous times. He was on Taste of the Wild puppy Salmon but had no interest in eating it. He lost weight and the only way was to add wet food and mix it in...
  3. what does your dog's tummy feel like?

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Stand above your dog (like you can ride a horse). Place your two hands along the rib cage and abdomen then press. How does it feel to you? My pup has had bouts of tummy issues with Tylan, perfect form, etc. As I became paranoid I'd try to inspect everything. Sometimes I notice her tummy is hard...
  4. Golden very gassy, tried lotsa things

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hi Folks! I have an 11 month old Golden Retriever named Sadie, and since I've had her at two months old, she's been one very gassy girl. Sadie is fifth Golden throughout the years, and the only one I've had consistent gas problems with. I started her on Science Diet puppy formula from the vet...
  5. How long to wait to switch foods

    Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes
    I had our puppy on Authority which I thought was a decent food for the money ($1 per pound). His gas was like rotten eggs and smelled up the entire room. :yuck: AND he didn't seem to like the food (lamb). His stools got soft also. Pet food store said that could indicate an allergy. After...
  6. Help!! Stinky problem!!!

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    So... Maya is having some serious gas problems. Sometimes we even have to get out out of a room when it happens because they REALLY stink! She had that problem back when she was eating poop, so her vet told us we should try changing her food. So we did. Now she doesn't eat that stuff (thank...