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  1. Christmas Photo Competition : ends 14th Dec

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    Hi Everyone, My Gorgeous Golden Retriever Girl's, "Mimi & Cully Bear", are in this Christmas Photo Competition. Here is the Link to Vote :) Just click on 'Like' where you see their Photo :) it's at the...
  2. My golden loves canoeing

    Fun Things for Your Golden
    My golden loves canoeing! Check out her video: Are there any other canoe loving goldens on here??:)
  3. Bucket List

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Today I started making a Bucket Book for Anna and I. I feel like a lot of people wait until their dogs are elderly to make a bucket list, so I am making one for my puppy. Some of the activities are: -See the ocean -Visit the Grand Canyon -Become a Canine Good Citizen -Try agility (health...
  4. Dog Backpacks

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I know there are many more threads about this, but can anyone recommend a dog backpack? I've heard that some dogs feel like they have more of a 'job' when they wear a pack. Are there any drawbacks to putting a pack on my dog?
  5. Chupie's 4th of July

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    This last 4th of July my family and I headed back to OH to spend time with the in-laws. On the 4th we spent most of the day in the backyard at my in-laws pool and I think Chupie had the best day of his life. In the morning we cleaned all the patio furniture and so we got a bunch of the ground...
  6. Cookie Playing In The Snow

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    Here´s a little video shot today of my 13 year old Cookie playing in the snow! On Monday she got some fever, because she cut herself swimming in a little creek close to our house. Her front leg got really swollen from an infection! I was really worried because at first I thought she twisted...
  7. Goldens in Las Vegas??

    Golden Retriever Events
    Hi! I'm curious if there are any dogs in Vegas that might be interested in having a puppy play date with my boy, Shiloh. He is 8 months old and his only play mate is a cat. I'm apprehensive to take him to a dog park because I've heard horror stories, and I think having some many dogs in one...
  8. Breeding Question of Color.

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I have a seven year old male Golden that is pretty red in color named "Cheese". Cheese has an amazing disposition and is as close to clairvoyant as a dog can be. I just rescued a one year old female English Cream Golden last week that is quickly coming into her own now that she is in a loving...
  9. Recommended Toys For Goldens

    Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    I'm just wanting to know what toys people give their goldens and what they would recommend. Leo loves his toys but I just find that there isn't any toys he doesn't tear apart but he has fun doing it and that is the main thing :). The only toy I have given him that he hasn't wrecked is his Kong...
  10. My dog during the blizzard

    Golden Retriever Videos
    Every morning when I get up I take my dog out to the back so he can do his morning business. I had to take him out last Tuesday during the blizzard. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be out there. He has played in the snow before and he loves it. Every time I take him out he acts like it's...