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  2. Golden Retriever Videos
    Amazing video of how a Golden Retriever to be drawn, i want to have my dog being drawn too :--shyly: - Link deleted -
  3. Golden Retriever Videos
    :D:D but normaly if i give him some commands he behaves normaly, just sometimes does what he likes like in the vid. Does someone know why he sometimes is just too active while sometimes he is perfectly obedient?
  4. Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hello, I would just like to know what people think i will need to buy before my new puppy arrives in 3 weeks! We already have; a crate, a vet bed, food, bowls and a good selection of toys. Other than this is there anything else i need to buy or even do to get the place ready for my little man!
  5. Golden Retriever Grooming
    I thought about taking my dogs to go get groomed at Petco, but I did a little research, and a lot of people really don't like their grooming. Has anybody taken theirs? I was going to get them to do haircuts, but it's really expensive, especially for two big Goldens. I also didn't know if they...
  6. Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    So we gave Jeffrey his first broccoli ever!! this is what happened haha We still have to try carrots.
  7. Golden Retriever Pictures
    Merry Christmas from Daisy the Protector Dog and her cat friend, Piney. Who's been naughty or nice? Daisy is the iconic Golden Retriever depicted in a children's book, "Daisy the Protector Dog" by Heather L. Nelson. Check out the youtube video, and Daisy the Protector Dog - Home
  8. Naughty Or Nice?  Merry Christmas

    Naughty Or Nice? Merry Christmas

    Daisy the Protector Dog and her cat friend, Piney, visiting Santa
  9. Golden Retriever Events
    I wanted to get everyone's opinions on boarding there dogs whenever on vacation. My trainer that I'm recently going to for Diego does boarding, and I really like how dogs sleep indoors, get two walks a day, and are provided with plenty of exercise. She's very personal, and I like her a lot...
  10. Fun Things for Your Golden
    Where we live, there are not any safe rivers that we can take our dogs, so a pool came into our minds. They like their kiddie pool, but all they can do is just lay in it. heehee. Has anyody else bought one for their Goldens? I'm also wondering, how are they going to walk up a ladder? A deck...
  11. Golden Retriever Training
    This was me and Diego's first training session! It was alot to take in, but I get why he shows aggression now. So basically he is just used to getting what he wants, and doing what he wants. He does not have doggy manners, and doesn't know how to react to other dogs. It was interesting, Diego...
  12. Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I've been looking around on this forum, and it seems like everyone loves to bring their dogs with them on vacations! Where are your favorite dog friendly places to go? Me and my family always love the beach, but our Goldens have never been with us. I personally would LOVE to take my two pups...
  13. Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    Recently I have been sick, and have not been able to walk my dogs for two days. (My male dog, Diego, is aggressive towards other big dogs) I had someone walk them yesterday, and today I played fetch with them. I had brought Diego in our front yard and threw his ball a few times. He always has a...
  14. Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    I have two Goldens, brother and sister. Ginger, the female, extremely well behaved. Diego, the male, has a few problems. He used to pull, but I have trained him loose leash walking, except when he sees dogs on walks. There are some times when he shows aggression towards big dogs. I let him meet...
  15. Arya And Choloe

    Arya And Choloe

    Arya - 10 month old pure Golden Chloe - 9 year old Golden/Lab mix
  16. Aaron And Arya

    Aaron And Arya

    Arya Nymeria 9 months old Birthday: 12/6/2011 photograph by Shannon Forsyth Weaver
  17. Baby Arya Watching Tv

    Baby Arya Watching Tv

    Arya Nymeria approx 8-9 weeks old in this picture Birthday: 12/6/2011 photograph by Shannon Forsyth Weaver
  18. Arya And Annabel

    Arya And Annabel

    Arya Nymeria 9 months old Annabel (child) 7 years old Birthday: 12/6/2011 photograph by Shannon Forsyth Weaver
  19. Puppy Butt

    Puppy Butt

    Arya Nymeria 9 months old Birthday: 12/6/2011 photograph by Shannon Forsyth Weaver
  20. Arya Swimming Back To Shore

    Arya Swimming Back To Shore

    Arya Nymeria 9 months old Birthday: 12/6/2011