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  1. Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for a while now, ever since I got my Golden puppy, Jax, back in January. Now I'm hoping to get some opinions on a recurring issue I've been having with my baby. Sorry for the long post, I don't want to leave out any details that may be important. When he was a...
  2. Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes
    Hello, new to the forum. Max is 1 year 7 months old and weighs 57 pounds. He is currently eating Wellness Simple dry food. He gets 1 cup twice a day. He used to eat blue buffalo wilderness, but he was eating the fur off his butt cheeks, so I checked his anal glands (they weren't impacted), and...
  3. Golden Retrievers with Seizures
    Had a really positive meeting with the vet yesterday. We now have Keppra, to be used as a pulse therapy to break the clusters (hopefully), and rectal diazepam. I feel loads better, now I know the vet feels confident it's idiopathic epilepsy and not something more sinister. Ally is very much...
1-3 of 3 Results