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  1. Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hello all! Our golden girl, Harley, just turned 6 months and weighs 35 lbs. We had her on Whole Hearted by Petco which she was doing fine on but someone recommended Merrick’s because it was a more nutritious food. She lasted 2 days and then suddenly, again, she got diarrhea. I took her in...
  2. Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    My lovely 7 1/2 month old Watson has been having GI issues and it's so upsetting! I'm wondering if he has developed an intolerance to his food. Does this happen? He has been easily eating his Acana free-range poultry kibble for months, but at the beginning of Sept he vomitted and pooped in his...