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  1. Doggie Daycare for the First Time

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    So I have a 44 pound 19 week old male golden retriever puppy that I have started in doggie daycare. I set him up to go twice a week when nobody is home all day. I brought him in the morning and he seemed to be fine, and called once during the day and they said everything was going good. The...
  2. Will Doggy Day Camp @ Petsmart Effect Potty Training?

    Golden Retriever Training
    Hi Everyone, Turbo will be losing her sitter at the end of this week so I'm thinking about dropping her off at Doggy Day Camp at Petsmart Mon.-Fri. since I can't afford a "real" puppy-sitter. (My friend has been stopping by my place to feed, watch, and play with Turbo for 5 hours/day for a...