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    Hey everyone! I know how AWESOME you guys are helping Goldens rule in every contest, so I was hoping you could help Marley win a free photo session with a local photographer! :) Just go to: (Hopefully the link works) and like their...
  2. Golden Retriever Pictures
    Hello! I'd like to ask a favor of you, if you have a second! This past July, my family and I took a vacation to the Outer Banks in NC. The company we went through to rent a house has a photo contest at the end of each season and my dog, Macho, is a semi-finalist! The grand prize is a free stay...
  3. Chit Chat
    I'm entering a poetry contest on facebook. Right now I'm trying to decide which poem to use though. Anyone else like poetry? Who is your favorite poet? Mine are Edgar Allen Poe, and Emily Dickenson. Favorite poems are Alone, The Tell tell-heart (a story poem) and Dreams
  4. Golden Retriever Photo Contest
    Official Calendar contest winner: magiclover Puppy contest winner: Puppy Zoo Congratulations! :wave: