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  1. help!

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    I have an amazing, sweet, gentle, male golden. I have all akc papers and vet checks for hips eyes etc. I am interested in mating him with an equally amazing female to hopefully breed puppies to be used as companion dogs for wounded warriors or an equally worthy cause. I don't have any experience...
  2. Memories of My Companion

    Golden Retriever Videos
    Daisy passed away about two years ago. After I retired, we really bonded, and in fact, took a six week road trip in my Corvette. She was 'special', and lived to almost 17 years old. I treasure my memories of her! It took me two years, but next Tuesday, I will pick up my 8 week old Golden...
  3. Live in the Grand Rapids, Mchigan area and want to adopt a golden!

    General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    My husband and I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan and would like to adopt a Golden retriever. Our ideal dog would be between 6 months and three years old. We don't care if it's male or female, spayed/neutered or not. Our desire is companionship for our selves and our 9 year old Golden named...