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  1. Crazy Puppy!!!

    Crazy Puppy!!!

    This action shot was taken during an spurt of puppy energy!
  2. Puppy Pics

    Puppy Pics

    I know some of you will be disgusted with the party dress I put her in. It was the first time my whole family met her at a pool party, and the dog dress was on clearance for $3.00. I couldn't pass it up!
  3. Puppy Pics

    Puppy Pics

    Pretty barrettes!
  4. Puppy Pics

    Puppy Pics

    8/25/08 - 4 1/2 months old.
  5. DSC02679


    She really likes to dig.
  6. DSC02674


    Looking innocent
  7. DSC02647


    I think she's possessed...8.5 weeks,