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  1. Baby in the house and not sure what to do

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    My niece is visiting this week and has a two month old baby boy. He's actually a very mellow boy and only fussed a little last night, but Duke and Charlie are obsessed with him. The crying does not seem to bother them. They want to be as close to the baby as possible and keep trying to lick...
  2. Classical Music recommendations for anxious dog?

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I'm looking for recommendations for classical music for Charlie. We have Through a Dog's Ear and both he and Duke really relax when I play it. But I would like some more music to play since I'm playing this everytime we're in the car together.
  3. Charlie caught a bird

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Last night, a younger bird got caught by Charlie and he was definitely toying with it. He was so proud of himself and I was feeling so bad for the bird. I got him to release it and pulled Charlie into the house. The bird must have been in shock for awhile because he just sat there. The...
  4. Big Holes, Duke & Charlie and a raccoon!

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    I have discovered the cause of Duke's and Charlie's obsession with digging under my deck! I was initiating my new fire pit the other night. Duke was at my feet and Charlie was in the house. I saw a shadow and thought, "wow, I didn't hear my husband let Charlie out...." and then I realized he...
  5. Photo Jul 28, 2013

    Photo Jul 28, 2013

    Happy Boy
  6. Photo Jul 31, 2013

    Photo Jul 31, 2013

    Walking the creek in July while up at the cabin
  7. Photo Jul 31, 2013

    Photo Jul 31, 2013

    Charlie at the Cabin in the Virginia mountains.
  8. Overlooking The River

    Overlooking The River

    Charlie looks out over the Potomac River in Virginia
  9. Pet Me!

    Pet Me!

    Charlie's "Please pet me" look
  10. Photo Aug 01, 6 50 45 Pm

    Photo Aug 01, 6 50 45 Pm

    Charlie and Noah play in the snow in our front yard :)
  11. Charlie On The Shore

    Charlie On The Shore

    Always a big smile during our daily walk/swim along the river
  12. 2013 Charlie

    2013 Charlie

    6 and a half years old :)
  13. My Boy

    My Boy

    On our walk
  14. On The Hill

    On The Hill

    Waiting for daddy to take the picture
  15. Charlie Takes A Dip At The Boat Launch

    Charlie Takes A Dip At The Boat Launch

    During our afternoon walk
  16. Fetch


    Cooling Off As Usual :)
  17. Charlie Playing In The River

    Charlie Playing In The River

    On his daily swim
  18. Not For The Weak!

    Golden Retriever Videos
  19. When Goldens Go Bad

    Golden Retriever Videos
    Poor Noah... never knew that Charlie would go sideways on him and attempt to eat him alive.
  20. Treating Charlie's Hot Spots

    Golden Retriever Videos
    Here, Anh and I resort to shaving a small area of Charlie's neck to get air and medicine onto the hotspots that are so persistent there during the summer.